We inspire people to travel.
We facilitate growth for our clients.

We are enthusiastic professionals who all share the same passion for the tourism industry. With our extensive knowledge and broad experience, we facilitate growth for our clients through creative marketing solutions, smart communication strategies and strong relationships.

From integrated marketing campaigns in partnership with industry and affinity partners, to contemporary and data-driven digital and social media advertising solutions, New Age Marketing offers a diverse range of traditional and innovative marketing services to reach the right people at the right time.

We have trusted relationships with key media and influencer contacts across the diverse European media landscape, to ensure our clients are part of the conversation when and where it matters through press kits and releases, media calls,  functions and events, familiarization visits and social media promotions.

Our team is well connected within the industry and understands the complexity of the European travel trade distribution systems. Together with our extensive database and effective trade engagement and education strategies, we enable growth and success in a competitive and diverse market.

Technological advances have changed the way we travel, the way we plan our vacations and the way we book. As a result, requirements for contemporary tourism marketing solutions have also changed.

We believe that digital marketing should be part of the overall marketing mix to keep up with current trends and to reach digitally experienced consumers. Even in markets with a relatively strong reliance on traditional retail agents for face-to-face bookings, travellers are now looking online for inspiration and to help with planning, and they have become increasingly confident with booking parts of their trips online.

We develop integrated marketing solutions using a combination of traditional and digital marketing tools to reach the right audience at the right time, and at the correct point in the marketing funnel – from inspiration to conversion. We engage key distribution partners such as wholesalers, airlines and OTA’s in our cooperative campaigns to ensure compelling tactical offers, to leverage budgets and to generate measurable growth for our clients.

We know when a standard marketing approach works and when a new age marketing solution is required.